Vision & Values

Our Community Forest Vision and Values in Pictures

The vision of the Alberni Valley Community Forest is to put control of lands and resources into the hands of local people by building a financially viable timber and non-timber forest resource business which provides benefits to the community and manages the forest in a sustainable manner that achieves a balance between community values and practicable management.

Our survey showed that the Port Alberni and Sproat Lake Communities appreciate the area of the community forest for water, wildlife, fish, cultural heritage resources, tourism, visual enjoyment, botanical forest products, road access, old growth forests, as a place to work and recreate, as a carbon sink to reduce effects of global warming and for firewood cutting to name a few.

The following are photos islanders have shared of activities, cherished places, and significant features of the community forest. Share your photos by emailing them to

The Gibson-Klitsa Plateau from Brad Powell of Nanaimo (
First Lake Camping

Camping at First Lake

Looking NW from Mt Klitsa

Looking northwest from Mt. Klitsa at the Alberni Valley Community Forest.

Klitsa Summit

The summit of Mt. Klitsa accessed via the Gibson-Klitsa trail.

Weiner Falls and mushroom hunting from Sandy McRuer of Port Alberni 
Fossil Winer

A nature walk and picnic at Weiner Falls.

Mushroom Festival

Chanterelles! The abundant and delicious botanical forest product.